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Behind The Brand

Unique aesthetic in luxury bridalwearUnique aesthetic in luxury bridalwear

We are a London-based bridal design house specialising in luxury Indo-Western bridal gowns and modern South Asian wedding dresses.

At My Trousseau, we blend contemporary design principles with the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship, showcasing our signature fine tailoring.

Each custom bridal piece we create is designed, developed, and lovingly handcrafted in our own atelier. This allows us the freedom to push the boundaries of conventional design, whilst maintaining exclusivity and strict quality standards.

The result is a unique aesthetic in luxury South Asian and Indian bridal wear, with exceptional quality and service.

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Bespoke luxury bridal gown with embroidered back

Over 15 Year's Experience

From Paris Fashion Week To Saks Fifth Avenue

With over 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-end fashion, Jas and Suki are the creative minds behind My Trousseau. Prior to My Trousseau, the duo established their mainstream-fashion brand, Ja.Su.Ma, which gained recognition at London and Paris Fashion Weeks and was stocked in some of the most prestigious department stores and boutiques worldwide, including Saks Fifth Avenue and Harvey Nichols.

After years of adhering to the demanding schedule of the international fashion calendar, Jas and Suki identified a gap in the South-Asian bridal market. They spotted an exciting opportunity to flex their creative muscles in a way that the constraints of the mainstream fashion industry hadn’t allowed. Equipped with the rich heritage of Indian embroideries and a talented team of artisans, already skilled in meeting the exacting standards of renowned international fashion brands, My Trousseau was born. The brand’s mission? To deliver high-quality, design-focused South-Asian bridal wear with an unrivalled bespoke service.

Indian Heritage With Mainstream Design

"The most important thing for me is to keep pushing the boundaries of design...

…when it comes to South Asian bridalwear. By combining Indian heritage crafts with the best of mainstream design, we’re creating a synergy between our collections and the South Asian diaspora who’ve grown up in the west.”

Suki | Co-Founder

Headshot of Suki Kaur, bridal designer and co-founder of My Trousseau
Headshot of Jas Mahil, bridal designer and co-founder of My Trousseau

Beautiful And Unique Arrangements

"There's a thrill that comes with watching a two-dimensional idea come to life...

…for me developing embroideries is my favourite part of the job. We experiment with raw materials, reworking them into unique arrangements, until something beautiful and unique begins to emerge on the blank canvas in front of us. There’s a thrill that comes with watching a two-dimensional idea come to life in front of you.”

Jas | Co-Founder

Exclusive Collections

Made Especially For You

My Trousseau was launched with the aim of providing exclusive, high-quality, design-focused bridal wear for the South-Asian diaspora. We understand the needs and preferences of our esteemed clientele in the UK and internationally, which remain at the forefront of our creative process. Our commitment to innovation drives us to continuously develop new designs, offering a fresh perspective and a distinctive aesthetic in South Asian bridal wear. From contemporary Indian bridal lehengas to custom Indo-Western bridal wear and red-carpet bridal gowns, our designs are individually crafted to cater to your personal style.

Luxury Indian bridal wear, custom-made in London
Luxury Indian bridal wear with yellow embroidered blouse

Luxury Design

Exclusive and Layered Design

Rather than rely on quantity of embroidery alone, at My Trousseau we take a comprehensive approach to South Asian bridal wear; layering designs using high quality fabrics and components, innovative cuts, thoughtful silhouettes and the finest hand-crafted embroideries, in carefully considered arrangements.

We do not mass-produce or outsource any of our production, instead we have our own dedicated manufacturing facility where each individual piece is lovingly handcrafted. From pattern cutting to hand-embroidery and tailoring, each step of the design and manufacturing process is carried out in-house, meaning our designs are protected so that we can offer our clients exclusive luxury wedding dresses.

Quality Control

Luxury is in the Attention to Detail

We have an exacting quality standard that surpasses even the most discriminating benchmark. Having our own manufacturing facility means we’re able to maintain complete control over the quality of our workmanship and the materials used. We use only high-quality fabrics and components.

Bride trying her bespoke red Indian wedding lehenga at My Trousseau's showroom in London

Exceptional Service

Services Tailored to your Needs

Our thorough and detailed consultation process is designed to make sure you receive the very best service before we even start work on your outfits.

The MT Bespoke and Signature Services allow you to tailor designs to your personal needs and preferences and since we have our own atelier and don’t work with third-party middlemen, when you place an order with us, you can be confident in the knowledge that you’ll receive exactly what you ordered.

Bespoke changes are possible with minimum fuss; design specifications are dictated directly to our atelier and highly trained team.

With our unique Trousseau Service, you’ll receive expert guidance on bespoke outfits tailored to each of your wedding functions.

The Bridesmaids & Family Service means you can have coordinated bespoke outfits made for your entire bridal party, including bridesmaids and family.

Made-to-Measure Bridal Wear

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