Handcrafted in our own Atelier

Custom Made Bridalwear

Lovingly handcrafted in-houseLovingly handcrafted in-house

All designs in the collections and bridal orders are made in-house at the My Trousseau atelier. Once an order is finalised, the MT Team will compile a “Client Specification Document”, CSD, detailing all the bespoke customisations and details of your order along with your initial measurements. With that in hand it’s time to start the physical part of the process which starts with colour-dyeing and treating the fabrics.

Colours & Dyeing

It all starts with colour and the MT team know how important it is to get it right, which is why we have our own hand-picked colour palettes for you to choose from. Our experts will carefully hand-dye the fabric for your order to the shades selected by you.

Patterns & Traces

Back at the MT atelier, a master pattern will be drafted using your specific measurements. This is the initial draft of the pattern which will be used to begin the embroidery process, starting with re-drafting the embroidery-pattern to make sure the placement of the embellishments is also tailored to you.


Once the fabric has been dyed, treated and the pattern marked-out on the fabric, it’s time to transfer the embroidery pattern. For this, the embroidery pattern is hand-drawn onto tracing paper, which is then pinned all-over. The trace is then placed over the fabric and using an applicator a coloured-powder solution is “pounced” or sponged all-over. This solution seeps through the trace, so that once it is peeled away, the outline of the pattern is left behind, clearly visible for the artisans to start working their magic.

Embroidery & Embellishment

The newly pounced-fabric is firstly stretched over a large wooden frame. Then armed with their tools and the appropriate embroidery components, the artisans set to work- creating a work of art as they dance their hands in determined and repetitive motion over the blank canvas.

Final Pattern Adjustment

Back at the London showroom we take a second round of measurements, so we can update the master pattern with accurate measurements. This final pattern is then used to make any necessary adjustments to the embroidery before being taken off the frames and will be used to cut and construct your wedding dress.

Draping, Tailoring & Finishing

With the updated master pattern and the embroidery now complete, it’s finally time for your outfit to be cut and constructed. Having been trained to meet exacting international standards, the talented team of My Trousseau-tailors, mannequin-drape each and every order to make sure the fit and fall is perfect. Finally your outfit will be finished by hand to make sure it is as pristine on the inside as it is on the out.

The Big Reveal

Finally, after months of meticulous work, and patience on your part, we’ll book you in for your final fitting. Because of the care we take to record accurate measurements throughout the process, 90% of our brides take their outfits away with them on the day of the fitting. If any minor alterations are needed, they’ll be done in the UK and can be turned around within a relatively short amount of time

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